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Mike J. Owner Mikimoto creates the finest pearl jewelry in the world. It all started in 1893 when Kokichi Mikimoto became the first person in the world to grow a pearl. The majority of pearls in the world today are cultured (man grown). Because they literally invented the cultured pearl process, Mikimoto maintains the top position for branded pearls in the world. In fact, I cannot even think of another pearl brand that competes.

Because of this dominance in the high end pearl jewelry market, the demand for Mikimoto pearl jewelry is strong, and we are willing to pay aggresive prices for your Mikimoto jewelry. If you want to sell a Mikimoto pearl strand necklace, or sell a Mikimoto pearl ring you’ve come to the right place. You can also sell Mikimoto earrings, sell Mikimoto bracelets, and even sell Mikimoto pins and brooches.

The Mikimoto clamshell with “M” inside hallmark is used to identify genuine Mikimoto pearl jewelry. If your item does not have this hallmark we cannot purchase it as Mikimoto. 18k gold or platinum Mikimoto pearl jewelry will be worth the most, although we do also buy vintage Mikimoto jewelry set in sterling silver.

Mikimoto classic jewelry such as pearl strand necklaces, pearl strand bracelets, and pearl stud earrings remain the core of the brand’s offering. However Mikimoto also offers special collections including Pearls in Motion where you can move the pearls to whatever position desired on a chain. Also the Mikimoto Morning Dew collection is classic featuring a pearl with a small diamond or gemstone above.

Please contact us now with pictures and details of your Mikimoto jewelry for a fast free estimate.

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- Owner Mike J.


Recent Mikimoto Buys

Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces & Pendants

18k Yellow gold Akoya Pearl strand ~ $700
South Sea Pearl strand necklace ~ $2520
Black South Sea pearl strand necklace ~ $2000
Morning Dew pearl diamond pendant ~ $400

Mikimoto Pearl Rings

Pearl & Diamond ring ~ $850
Tahitian Pearl & Diamond ring ~ $550

Mikimoto Pearl Earrings

18k gold Pearls in Motion earrings ~ $200
18k gold 7mm Pearl stud earrings ~ $200

Mikimoto Bracelets

Vintage 14k pearl bracelet ~ $425
Classic pearl strand bracelet ~ $550
18k gold pearl double strand bracelet ~ $350


Call or Text Mike with pictures of your Mikimoto, any accompanying paperwork such as certificates, appraisals or any other useful details about your jewelry and you will receive a rough estimate usually within the hour.

Pictures: You can simply take a couple good close up photos of your Mikimoto Engagement ring or Mikimoto diamond or gemstone jewelry. If you have photos already, feel free to use our easy form that's sent directly to me, or text them directly to me at (773) 490-9828.

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